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KB231 Bangkok –Temple underwater –Mon bridge –Wangvivagaram temple –Srinakarindra Dam –king Naresuan movies location 3days 2nights travel by Van

DAY1 Bangkok –River Kwai bridge –Tham kasae –Sangkha
04:00am: ready at PTT gas station opposite of University of Thai Chamber of commerce
05:30am: go to Kanchanaburi province
06:00am: have breakfast 1st meal
07:00am: bring you to River Kwai Bridge
08:00am: arrive at River Kwai bridge
09:30am: bring you to Tham kasae that you will see the huge Buddha statue
12:00pm: have lunch 2nd meal
13:00pm: then go to ThongPhaphum vasit Thekanun temple the old temple
15:00pm: go to Sangkhaburi
18:00pm: have dinner 3rd meal
19:00pm: check in at resort

DAY2 Mon bridge –Wangvivegaram temple –Wat Sao Roi Ton temple –Three pagoda pass –Srinakarindra Dam
06:00am: this morning bring you make merit by offering foods to Buddha monk then Mon bridge
07:00am: then bring you see the temple underwater
08:00am: have breakfast 4th meal
09:00am: bring you to Wat Sao Roi Ton temple this temple made from wood
12:00pm: have lunch 5th meal
13:00pm: then bring you to Srinakarindra Dam then go grenggravea waterfall
17:00pm: then rafting enjoy playing water
18:00pm: have dinner 6th meal

DAY3 King Naresuan movies location –Tham Sua temple –Tham khao Noi temple –Bangkok
07:00am: have breakfast 7th meal
10:00am: then go to King Naresuan movie location that you will see the beautiful scene that use in this movies
12:00pm: have lunch 8th meal
13:00pm: then bring you to Tham Sua temple that you will see the huge Buddha statue on the top of this mountain
18:00pm: shopping some souvenir
19:00pm: go to Bangkok
21:00pm: arrive at Bangkok

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  2. Accommodation
  3. Foods
  4. Tickets
  5. Tour guide

Company number: 02-8139228,02-8058800,02-4290553,02-4290545,02-4290523,086-3458363,089-5232908,089-5233165,083-3086327, 080-0404783

Tour & Seat reservation
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By following list of Bank Account (Choose some Bank)
 -Krungthai Bank(KTB), account name Mr.yongyooth  Hincharoen, account number 701-0-00166-9, Nakhonprathom branch.
-Siam Commercial Bank (SCB), account name Mr.YongYooth  Hincharoen, account number 045-4-54633-1,Thai Red cross society Bangkok branch
-Krungsri Bank,account name Mr.YongYooth  Hincharoen, account name 394-1-11354-5, Borommaratchachonnani Bangkok branch                                                     

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